About Us

We at The Last Post believe that strong opinions are nothing to be scared of; in fact, they are to be embraced. If you enjoy or dislike a recent film, book, album, sporting event, game or something in the news, you should have the opportunity to share that opinion.

This is how The Last Post blog started; as a group of friends who regularly discussed (and disagreed... well, mostly disagreed) on every topic under the Sun. This is something we hope to share with the world to both entertain and maybe educate if we’re lucky. 

At our core we aim to bring you some insightful views and judgements that entice thought and tickle your funny bone with highly opinionated views on sports, news and entertainment. 


Antony Moule

Antony recently earned a BA (Hons) Sports Management degree at Buckinghamshire New University. During that time he also served as Deputy Editor at e-Football and a member of the Football journalist academy at FTBpro. Most notably, Antony has recently been appointed Social Media and PR consultant by Sports Talent. People who know Antony will vouch for him being the most avid and loyal Tottenham Hotspur fan, while also sharing an overwhelming love for Rugby Union. As you can tell, Sport is Antony's forte, but he is also hugely opinionated when it comes to Music, TV, Film and any other topics that may impact his life or he's interested in. 

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Alex Chhaya


An aspiring author; Alex Chhaya is an avid gamer who thinks too much about the entertainment industry. He has been a heavy consumer of videogames for a good 20 years now, but also delves into films, books (even goin’ so far as to write one), television, and other nerdy things. Indeed, this means that it is once in a blue moon that he leaves his hovel and talks to ‘people’, where they sometimes laugh with him, instead of at him. 

Jay Bowen

Jay Bowen is your classic Midlands lad, an avid metal fan, trained mechanic and knows a thing or two about the g-string of a guitar, but many years ago he was transported in a relief effort to the cultured Southlands where he first came into contact with post Industrial era technology. Now he is an prestigious member of the PC Master Race, knows basic coding and can build a good computer. Now he writes for us and will make you learn about things whether you want it or not.